World Photography Organisation Awards

Yesterday I was told the picture below has been shortlisted for the World Photography Organisation / Mobile Photography Award. Happy about that although I'm not a competition entering type, usually. They say there were 10500 entries, so to be amongst the final 20 is 'nice'.

Today I noticed Sony had the image on their PR site, available for download under Creative Commons, useable by anyone for reasons including commercial, for free! I hadn't signed up for that although doubt did enter my mind as I remembered reading the terms, and there were quite a lot of terms. Perhaps I missed something...

Turns out I hadn't. WPO seemed pretty concerned, perhaps more than I did, and swiftly had Sony remove the pictures. What a mistake someone had made — all the shortlisted images, free! Argh. Concerning that a company the size of Sony could do that, and not just to one image.

The other weird thing is that the competition is judged by Facebook 'likes'. So, really, it's obvious who will, or atleast won't win. The one with the most likes wins. Therefore, I imagine, the one with the most 'friends' will get the most likes, and win. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems obvious.

Anyway, here's the picture. It'll be 'exhibited' at Somerset House soon, on a tablet...It isn't under Creative Commons!

If you want to 'like' it, it all helps! The like button is at this link, below and to the right of the image. You have to use the Facebook one, not the grey one, confusingly.

Wedding, Tatton Hall, Manchester